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Reef Ball Memorials Give Life in Passing.

Memorial Reefs International helps families, the community and the environment by building artificial reefs using cremated remains.

Together we can enhance coral generation, increase marine biomass, and provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial by dedicating your loved one’s cremated remains as an undersea memorial.

With Memorial Reefs International, the memory of your loved one will become a living treasure for generations to come.

Reef Balls are a Better Memorial.

Reefs in Two Locations and over 3,000 with Our Partners.

We provide not only the most breathtakingly beautiful locations across the globe, but those that can benefit the most from our Marine Memorial Parks.

  • Silcer / Mérida, Yucatán / Mexico
  • Cancún / Quintana Roo / Mexico (coming soon)

And more than 3,000 other locations across 70 countries thanks to Memorial Reefs International’s alliance with the Reef Ball Foundation.