Memorial Reefs International works within your monetary constraints

Many people have financial constraints when they’re trying to fulfill the parting wishes of loved ones.

Memorial Reefs International provides solid financing options to meet your budget.

You can plan your Memorial Reef Ceremony as soon as possible and finance it through our partners.

Call or email us. We'll help arrange a financing plan that works for you.

Financing Plans

Financing is now available for every Memorial Reefs package. We have listened to feedback inquiring about financing plans for our Now & Later plans as well as our Destination Funeral offerings.

Financing options are now available to fit any budget for as little as $21.00* a month. Begin your Living Legacy in a way that works best for you and your family.

Estimated Monthly Payments

Life Giving Ashes

Blue Phoenix
Price: $995.00
Est. Monthly Payment: $21.00*
Poseidon Memorial
Price: $2995.00
Est. Monthly Payment: $63.87*
Poseidon Couples
Price: $3995.00
Est. Monthly Payment: $85.17*
Atlantis Memorial
Price: $4995.00
Est. Monthly Payment: $106.46*

Remembrance Vacation Package

Poseidon Memorial
Price: $5995.00
Est. Monthly Payment: $127.75*
Atlantis Memorial
Price: $7995.00
Est. Monthly Payment: $170.33*
Oceanus Memorial
Price: $9995.00
Est. Monthly Payment: $212.91*

*Estimated Monthly Payments – Illustration Purposes Only. Memorial Reefs International does not participate in any aspect of the lending process. Approval, interest rates, monthly payments determined by participating lenders. Monthly Payments Calculated for ‘average’ credit score of 680-699 @10.09% APR for 60 months. Service fee and applicable taxes not included.

Have questions about how your financing plan will look? Need help deciding on what best fits your needs? Call (808)-427-5523, or email . We are more than happy to help you through this process so that all you have to worry about is what location suits you best, and what music you want played as your Memorial Reef is being placed at one of our Undersea Memorial Gardens.

Discount may be available if paying by cash, check or e-check. This discount only available upon customer request. Written requests required to be sent to within 24 hours of signing contract and before payment has been processed.


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