Memorial Reefs are better than traditional burial.

Memorial Reefs International rebuilds coral reefs all around the world, using concrete structures that contain cremated remains.

Each reef memorial contains one to four sets of cremated remains. The textured surface attracts coral polyps, and the hollow interior provides more shelter for marine organisms.

You can place a bronze plaque with the family member’s name, lifespan, and other information onto the front of the reef memorial. The bronze alloy is very resistant to corrosion, and will be legible for many decades.

family member beside reef memorial

Memorial Reefs are around half the cost of traditional burial.

Traditional burial costs an average of $11,000 and can cost much more. Traditional burial also requires families to come up with cash or take out a large loan immediately.

Memorial Reefs cost around half of what the average funeral costs. The cremation can also occur a long time before the reef memorial is built - giving the family time to really consider their finances before planning a ceremony. We also have financing options that make it easy to pay for.

You can visit the reef at any time.

Every reef has a set of GPS coordinates, so you can visit whenever you want to. All of our reefs are open for you to visit, with or without us.

Memorial Reefs International also sets up “destination funerals” if you want us to take care of the accommodations, chartered boat, food, and so on. You can read more about destination funerals here. Some families visit the burial location year after year to honor the deceased person.

Your reef memorial will restore the world’s oceans.

Each memorial added to the reefs is one step toward the restoration of a marine habitat. In cooperation with local environmental agencies, we chose locations in need of underwater reefs. Most locations are on the site of dead reefs - reefs that were destroyed by human activity and environmental degradation.